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1989 to 2014


What were you doing in 1989?

Were you watching the first episode of the Simpsons, or incredible scenes of the Berlin wall collapsing? Maybe you were listening to some happening tunes on your Sony Walkman - a bit of Kylie & Jason or The Fine Young Cannibals whilst sporting a fashionable shell suit, mullet and moustache?

Techsil's 25 yr celebration logoTwenty Five years ago Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, When Harry Met Sally and Dead Poets Society were hitting our big screens. Madonna was raising some eyebrows with her music video ‘Like a Prayer’ and Black Box’s ‘Ride on Time’ was the UK’s top selling record in 1989. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles become an overnight sensation and Dr Who was discontinued by the BBC after 26 years.

In the Technology field - Tim Berners-Lee brought us the first World Wide Web server & browser, Microsoft Office software was launched, Sky TV began broadcasting in the UK, the toy of the moment was Nintendo’s Game Boy and, far more ground breaking, “Fresh Express” in California introduced lettuce in a bag!

In the News: the Tiananmen Square Protests, Hillsborough disaster and Elections in Poland bring Solidarity to power. House prices in London fell to an average of £86,800 this year and unemployment fell below 2,000,000 for the first time since 1980.

Born this year were Daniel Radcliffe - Actor, Rebecca Adlington - 2008 Olympic gold medal winning swimmer and Theo Walcott – Footballer.


Techsil Competition

We had some great responses to our 25th Anniversary Competition, run earlier in the year.

A huge thanks goes out to all those who took part!

3 lucky winners were picked at random and sent Techsil goodie bags.


Congratulations to George, Kay and Marta!

Competition Winners


For those of you who are interested to see who we all are (and who we were) you can now view the ANSWERS online.