Techsil® 6675 Pressure Sensitive Bulk Hotmelt 15KG

PS-6675 15KG
£128.24 £106.87
Techsil® PS-6675 is a pressure sensitive adhesive which has excellent adhesion to a wide range of substrates and excellent tack over a wide range of temperatures. Its medium viscosity allows excellent spray properties and clean coating characteristics. PS 6775 is suitable for use as a permanent label stock adhesive, for permanent self adhesive tapes and various product assembly applications. Techsil® 6675 is supplied in 1KG bulk blocks and can be applied either by spray, jet, slot coater or by roller. The suggested application temperature for this grade is 160° to 180°C. The EcoBlocks are pale amber in colour, packs include 15 x 1kg blocks.
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