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Bonding Materials

Bonding involves joining two or more materials together. Well recognised for their advanced properties and easy handling capabilities, adhesives are increasingly being selected as a preferred alternative to traditional mechanical methods such as welding or bolting.

The complete range of adhesives / glues offered by Techsil is used extensively across diverse engineering and industrial assembly applications. Valued for their ability to enhance production processes, adhesives also deliver greater design freedom and optimise performance of the end product.

Typical Uses of Bonding Adhesives

Used in a wide range of sectors and industries, adhesives help to deliver significant process and performance improvements for assembly, supporting the fulfilment of increasingly complex design requirements. Adhesion technology replaces the need for heavyweight materials in many assembly requirements and supports the development of lightweight and aesthetically appealing designs, especially when it comes to bonding dissimilar and/or new materials. With availability in a wide variety of one and two component systems, tapes and thermal pads, options vary from providing temporary and flexible bonds, through to true structural enhancement.

 Examples of typical uses and benefits include:

   -   Delivering a better strength-to-weight ratio compared to traditional mechanical fasteners and helping to improve fuel efficiencies in automotive applications
   -   Providing a permanent or removable bonding solution in packaging
   -   Fixing and protecting electrical components
   -   Flexible bonds that provide vibrational and sound damping
   -   Quick UV curing bonding of plastics, metals and glass in medical devices

Key Characteristics of Bonding Adhesives

Varying in viscosity, cure type, cure speed, mechanical, optical, electrical and thermal properties, specific adhesive grades and tapes can offer:

   -   High bond strength to a wide variety of substrates
   -   Chemical and moisture resistance
   -   High shear and tensile strength
   -   Vibration, impact and shock resistance
   -   Structural, flexible or temporary bonding
   -   High and low temperature resistance
   -   Varying cure speeds and cure types, UV and light cure
   -   Increased production capacity
   -   Exceptional durability, environmental resistance
   -   Thermally and electrically conductive
   -   Single and two part
   -   Thick and viscous to thin and runny
   -   Transparent, opaque or coloured

Types of Bonding Adhesives Available

 Techsil offers a full range of bonding solutions to meet specific performance requirements including:

   -   Anaerobics
   -   Cyanoacrylates (Super Glues)
   -   Epoxies / Epoxy Resin
   -   Hot Melts
   -   Methacrylates
   -   MS Polymers
   -   Pressure Sensitive Adhesives (PSAs)
   -   Polyurethanes
   -   Self-Adhesive Tapes
   -   Silicones
   -   UV and Light Curing Adhesives
   -   VELCRO® Brand Fasteners


High Performance Bonding Formulations that meet Industry Standards

Techsil can supply specialist technologies to meet the latest industry standards

   -   NASA low outgassing specifications
   -   USP Class VI certification
   -    UL 94V-0 flame retardancy
   -   FDA CFR 175.300 food grade testing requirements
   -   Halogen free, tin free, mercury free


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