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Techsil supply a number of different coating compounds for use in advanced technological applications, various conformal coating solutions are available.

Electronic Coating

Techsil supply a number of different coating compounds for use in advanced technological applications. Our systems feature protection against moisture, chemicals, abrasion, thermal cycling, elevated temperatures, mechanical shock, EMI and RFI interference etc. We also supply coatings for LEDs, lenses, weatherstrip coatings, dome coatings, conformal coatings and specialist textile coating compounds.

Conformal Coatings

Conformal Coatings are designed to protect printed circuit board (PCB) components and related equipment from their environment. These coatings ‘conform’ to the contours of electronic circuitry to allow excellent protection and coverage, ultimately extending the working life of electronic assemblies.

The complete range of conformal coating materials offered by Techsil is used extensively across diverse electrical and electronic assembly applications. Recognised for enhancing reliability and long-term performance, coatings offer superior protection against dust, dirt, abrasion, moisture, chemicals, thermal cycling, elevated temperatures, mechanical shock and EMI/RFI interference.

Typical Applications of Conformal Coatings

Used diversely across the electronics, automotive, general manufacturing industries to achieve superior protection in advanced technological applications, such as electronic circuitry and specialist engineering fabrics.

Examples of typical uses and benefits include:

   -   Superior, waterproof protection of electrical / electronic parts and engineering fabrics

   -   High dielectric strength combines with low stress to extend the lifespan and performance of components

   -   Fast curing

 Specific applications include:

   -   PCBs

   -   LEDs

   -   Lenses

   -   Weatherstrips

   -   Domes

 Key Characteristics of Conformal Coating Materials

   -   Chemical and moisture resistance
   -   Exceptional durability, environmental resistance
   -   Corrosion resistance
   -   Protects against static discharges
   -   Insulates against high-voltage arcing
   -   UV stable – prevents discolouration
   -   Can be sprayed, brushed or dipped
   -   Wide temperature resistance
   -   Vibration, impact and shock resistance
   -   Rapid cures
   -   High dielectric strength and low stress
   -   Can provide RFI/EMI shielding
   -   Electrically conductive grades available

Types of Conformal Coatings Available

   -   Conformal coatings – includes very fast, one part UV curing formulations; one and two part epoxies; one and two part silicones;conformal coating spray

   -   Dual cure coatings – for intricate parts with shadowed out areas, curing with both UV light and the addition of heat.

   -   Special compounds – Optically clear, non-yellowing and very low in viscosity


Textile Coatings

Techsil also offers specialist silicone textile coatings specified for extreme performance in a selection of engineering fabrics including glass cloth, Nomex, Kevlar, nylon and polyester. Coating improves the ‘hand’ and feel of the base material and affords heat and abrasion resistance while reducing porosity. By mechanically bonding the materials in a matrix the coated fabrics benefit from the synergy of resin and substrate working together. two-component silicone elastomers which cure rapidly at elevated temperatures, especially in thin films.


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