b-tec™ 807 RYOBI® Hotmelt Glue Gun ONLY

B-TEC 807 HM Battery Gun 18V
£80.39 £66.99
The b-tec™ 807 glue gun is a completely portable robust 12mm (1/2") glue gun that is powered using a RYOBI® 18V 1.5Ah lithium+ battery. Easy and comfortable to use, this medium output gun offers a warm-up time of just 3 minutes and includes a self regulating heater. This kit contains the Glue Gun only, you will need to purcahse the battery and charger seperately if you do not already have a RYOBI® 18Vbattery system. Run time is up to 1 hour on a fully charged battery, depending on level of use.
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