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Techsil Case Studies

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Speed Plastics

Flexible Adhesive with Precision Dispensing Reduces Production Costs and Provides a Better Bond. In this case study Techsil provided Speed Plastics Ltd with a flexible silicone adhesive and in collaboration with dispensing specialists Nordson provided a fast, reliable, consistent dispensing solution.

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Effective control of heat is an increasing concern among today's electronic device manufacturers and, as products become more compact, the need to dissipate damaging heat effectively is greater than ever. To address the thermal demands of today's electronic devices, Techsil provides a complete portfolio of high-performance, user-friendly materials to suit a variety of current and future heat control needs. In this case study Techsil provided I-vision with two products that improved the assembly process and heat dissipation within their LED lighting units.

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Lufthansa CityLine required a fast curing epoxy to repair plane seats with minimum disruption to flights. Devcon’s 5 minute Epoxy FR was selected.
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The arm supports in the Lufthansa Citylines seats have to be repaired on a regular base due to the high stresses in this area. The maintenance department has decided to bond the damaged threaded collar out of anodised steel into the Epoxy-GRP seat construction with Devcon 5 Minute Epoxy FR. The advantages are clear. Excellent adhesion on both substrates (higher strength compared to the original parts), perfect viscosity to bond the collar into the seat construction, short fixture times to get the products immediately in use again and the flame retardant formulations to comply with high standards in the aviation industry.

Lufthansa CityLine required and fast-curing epoxy to repair the plane seats with minimum disruption to flights. 5 minute Epoxy FR was applied to bond composite CRP to anodized steel.

This rapid setting, 2 component epoxy paste is ideal for applications requiring a self extinguishing structural adhesive system.

Lufthansa 5 Min Epoxy
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TRW Automotive

Protecting critical automotive electronics using RTV’s
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Improved calibration in high quality pressure sensors using Momentive RTV12.
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Elite Transducers

Momentive's TSE397 provides production benefits to high quality transducers.
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DFX Lighting

DFX Lighting use Techsil’s VT2420 in LED manufacture.
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Techsil's VT2420 is a fast curing (1:1) polyurethane which cures hard to ensure complete mechanical protection for your LEDs. This product is being used by DFX Ltd, designers and manufacturers of LED lighting solutions, to manufacture lighting units for in-ground and canopy lighting applications such as Decking Areas, Water Features and Walkways. Company Chairman, Dean says that this product is, "Excellent for LED potting for outdoor use. It's easy to use, doesn't gas up, cures quickly and doesn't mark easily."

Contact technical@techsil.co.uk for more information on VT2420.

DFX VT2420 Case Study
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Car Headlight Design

Techsil’s RTV silicone adhesives deliver improved performance and increased productivity for demanding automotive headlamp design.
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Techsil’s RTV silicone adhesives deliver improved performance and increased productivity for demanding automotive headlamp design.

As designers push the boundaries of vehicle styling, and technology drives improved performance and smaller headlamps, the demands on key materials such as adhesives is increased.

Techsil’s Business Development Manager, Steve Morrow, has been working with a number of automotive manufacturers to provide solutions for design and productivity issues with vehicle headlights.

In one case an adhesive was required to bond the dissimilar substrates of the reflector and a polycarbonate lens. The adhesive colour needed to be black to match the reflector housing and it also needed to operate in extreme high and low ambient temperatures. The versatile nature of RTV silicones allow the bonding of many different substrates; at the same time giving a long term level of elasticity that can cope with thermal expansion differentials over a wide range of operating temperatures.

Another application is an electric car where they needed an adhesive to bond a glass lens to the ABS housing. The silicone selected was clear and also fast-curing which enabled leak testing to be performed straight away. The company has decreased manufacturing time by 22 hours thereby greatly improving productivity.

Constantly increasing demands on the performance of vehicle lighting means they need to be incorporated into more complex and compact packages. In addition to bonding solutions, Techsil offer a broad portfolio of products for lighting including LED encapsulants, thermal interface adhesives and lens materials.

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Techsil’s Silstrip offers outstanding results in the process of removing cured silicone from electronic elements.

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Automotive Seating Application

Techsil were given two challenges from a key Tier 1 Automotive Car Seat Manufacturer. One involved very difficult to bond substrates, the other was a product line assembly issue which needed to be resolved to improve the production process. Specialist hotmelt and automotive tape were the solution!

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Corporate Engineering

Techsil uses specialist knowledge to provide Corporate Engineering with an odour sealing solution fast!

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FIPG UV Automotive Application

Techsil were asked by an automotive company to provide a fast curing, liquid gasket sealant to be applied inside a groove on a plastic part on a production line. An instant cure was critical - so basically we were looking for a FIPG (form in place gasket) with a very fast cure.

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UV Automotive FIPG Case Study - Vitralit® FIPG 60102

The London Taxi Company

Techsil provides The London Taxi Company with a semi-closed EPDM foam tape to prevent the ingress of water underneath the iconic, roof-mounted "Taxi" sign.

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