Devcon Wear Resistant Epoxy Putty (WR-2) 500gm

£71.44 £59.53

Devcon Wear Resistant Putty is a smooth, non-rusting ceramic-filled epoxy putty used to repair and rebuild interfacing metallic, low-friction surfaces such as machine ways and flanges. This product will repair in tight spots where a fine flowing putty is required, it will easily bond to steel, iron, aluminium, brass, bronze, concrete and even some plastics whilst preventing wear on metal surfaces that are exposed to abrasion and erosion.

WR-2 has a wide range of suggested applications including rebuilding shafts, restoring keyways to original dimensions, fixing wear resistant moulds, lining pumps and wear faces, repairing valve seals and bodies and protecting flanges and elbows.

Devcon Wear Resistant Putty is idea for repairing tracing guides. It is dark grey in colour and cures to a tough 85 Shore D Hardness.

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