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Fastfixers Box

Fastfixers™ are dots of clear adhesive available in removable or extra high tack and packaged in an easy, ready to use dispenser box. Fastfixers™ provide you with a quick to use, cost-effective, instant adhesive fastener for many applications in different markets.

Fastfixers™ can be used in a wide range if industries. Ideal for mailings, fulfilment, cover mounting, finishing, assembly, merchandising promotions, transit packaging, art & craft, school projects, home and office use.

Fastfixers™ are a great way of attaching various items onto many surfaces.

Available sizes are roughly 6mm (small), 10mm (medium) and 15mm (large) diameters.

The available adhesive grades are:Buy Fastfixers

  • Light Fixers (Lower tack removable – LTR) – provides a temporary bond that will enable you to remove of pull apart easily - suited for lightweight products such as un-coated paper and card. This adhesive type should not leave any adhesive residue on most surfaces.
  • Regular Fixers (Higher tack removable – HRT) – provides for a better temporary bond to more difficult surfaces such as heavier grade coated paper, but should allow you to remove easily, without leaving an adhesive residue, from most surfaces.
  • Secure Fixers (Extra high tack – EHT) – provides a more secure bond on most surfaces including ceramics, plastics, card, textiles and metals. Should be used for firm fixing but with caution on delicate surfaces.

 “Tack” describes the initial grab or stickiness between the adhesive and the product before applying pressure. The bond will vary depending on the surfaces involved.

You are able to view our range of Fastfixers™ and buy online here.

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Fastfixers™ FAQ's

What materials can Fastfixers™ stick to?

Fastfixers™ adhere to a wide variety of materials. Some examples include paper, plastic, foil, fabrics, glass, aluminium, and wood. (If you are not sure about the surface you're working with, please contact sales@techsil.co.uk for help and advice)

What advantages do Fastfixers™ have over other adhesives?

Fastfixers™ are faster and safer than hot melt glue guns, cleaner than liquid adhesives and leave no sticky residue. You can eliminate hot glue burns, fumes and set-up times with Fastfixers™

How can Fastfixers™ be more cost-effective when they're applied manually?

Fastfixers™ can be applied quickly and cleanly, no set up time is required and no drying time is necessary. You can apply a cold, controlled amount of adhesive with no waste with the aid of a carefully designed dispenser for greater stability. This contributes to better productivity and cost efficiencies.

Are Fastfixers™ safe to use?

Yes. Fastfixers™ are non-toxic, acid free, odourless, FDA-approved for indirect food contact and conform to FDA 175.125. Since glue guns are not necessary, the chance of incurring serious burns from hot glue is eliminated.

When should I use a larger diameter product instead of small/medium?

Your choice will depend on the size/weight of the materials you are bonding. For small, lightweight objects you may be able to use small/medium Fastfixers™, and larger, heavier objects large Fastfixers™. However, you may have to use several adhesive dots to ensure the best possible bond on large objects. Please test thoroughly before you decide.

How can I be assured of the best bond possible?

Surface preparation is vital for good bonding. Moisture, oils, dust, hand lotions, and silicone-based coatings can all affect the bond. Always make sure that surfaces are clean and dry in order for Fastfixers™ to adhere properly. Surface cleaning wipes are available to help with this. Contact sales@techsil.co.uk for further information.

What does "tack" mean?

"Tack" describes the initial grab or stickiness between the adhesive and the product before applying pressure. The bond will vary depending on the surfaces involved. For instance, "High" tack dots will give you a better grab on shiny paper surfaces, whereas "Low" tack dots may have difficulty holding on such surfaces and will be more suited to uncoated materials.

Does it matter what tack level I use?

Yes. We can indicate that the Light Fixers (lower tack removable adhesive) should allow you to part small lightweight objects without leaving adhesive residue on the surface. Regular Fixers (medium tack removable adhesive) will hold objects more firmly but should allow you to part the products without leaving adhesive residue. Secure Fixers (extra high tack adhesive) holds objects more firmly in position but may leave adhesive behind when pulled apart.

Some Fastfixers™ may tear delicate surfaces. You must determine through adequate testing which is the most appropriate product for your application.

What is the shelf life of Fastfixers™?

Fastfixers™ should not degrade over time, however, contaminants like moisture and dust can affect the bonding capabilities. We suggest you store Fastfixers™ in a clean, dry place.

What can be done if the standard Fastfixers™ are not suitable?

Contact us. We may be able to develop a custom adhesive especially for your application to suit your needs. sales@techsil.co.uk