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Form-in-Place-Foam-Gasket (FIPFG) Service

Contract Gasketing - Techsil’s Foam Sealing Solution

Blue foam gasket

Form-in-Place (FIP) and Cure-in-Place (CIP) gaskets are used in many medical, military, aerospace and industrial applications. Precise beads of material are applied to a surface, these beads are quickly cured and bonded to the component for seamless sealing. The cured gaskets are resistant to moisture, exhibit low shrinkage, high cohesive strength and good resilience to thermocycling. FIP gaskets are a recognised, well proven, low cost and high speed cure alternative to manually applied O-rings or expensive, complex pre-moulded gasket.

Form-in-Place Gaskets Benefits:

  • FIP gasket material is dispensed efficiently onto complex enclosures eliminating the painstaking task of hand assembling pre-cut or moulded gaskets, saving both time and money.
  • Parts may be dismantled and reassembled without affecting gasket integrity.
  • FIP gaskets will adhere to aluminium, steel, plastics, ceramics, glass, plated surfaces, painted surfaces, and other various substrates.
  • Shorter lead times and significant assembly cost savings when compared to O-ring or die-cut gasket installation.
  • Reduced gasket component inventory.

Techsil offer a number of flexible gasket solutions. Formulations include silicone liquid gasket materials, flexible anaerobic gasket materials and UV and light curing gasket materials for an instant cure.


NEW!!! Contract Gasketing Service (Download Information Sheet)

Foam gasket on red plastic

Using an innovative single-component liquid polyurethane foam sealing system and machine technology Techsil’s new leading edge PUR Form-in-Place-Foam-Gasket (FIPFG) service is the economical and reliable solution for replacing labour intensive peel and stick gasket applications.

Taking measured quantities of material and compressed air the mixture is homogenised and through shear forces is converted to a uniform foam structure upon application to the component. The curing process takes place without any chemical reaction forming a fine, closed-cell structure. The automated system can vary the ratio of material to air and create a wide range of foam hardness depending on the customer’s specification.

Techsil’s breakthrough Contract Gasketing Service uses sophisticated six axis robot dispensing systems that provide the perfect bespoke gasket every time. Short cycle times save time and money. If you manufacture small volumes* or have intermittent production, then subcontracting your FIPG system will be very cost effective.

Dispensing of only one component ensures that even very small sealing gaskets can be produced accurately without any problems. However intricate the part, a perfectly engineered foam gasket can be applied; from micro-dispensing of gaskets to replace o-rings, to high volume applications of foam to doors of switch cabinets. Furthermore, the thixotropic properties of the foam ensure that very complicated tri-dimensional shapes and cross-sectional variations can be accommodated.

Techsil can provide high performance gaskets that meet the strictest sealing standards or IP degrees; guaranteeing protection against environmental ingress by air, dust and humidity however complex the shape of the part. View Video

 Why Outsource your Gasketing to Techsil?

  • foam gasket dispensing

    Don’t need to worry about volume changes
  • We’ve taken care of the capital investment
  • Reduced labour costs
  • Bespoke gasketing solutions
  • Accurate robotic placement
  • Optional plasma priming service

* 500 per batch MOQ

Technical Details

Our PUR Foam FIP Gaskets adhere to most substrates 

Adhesion to plastic parts

Adhesion to metal parts