Techsil® Green High Strength ThreadLock 70 50ml

High Strength T/lock 70 50ml
£15.84 £13.20
Techsil® High Strength ThreadLock 70 50ml is designed for the sealing and locking of threaded fasteners. It is a single component anaerobic, acrylic based, high strength threadlocker. Techsil® 70 cures when confined in the absence of air between close fitting metal surfaces and prevents leakage and loosening from vibration and shock. Particularly suitable for uses including heavy duty applications such as nuts onto studs in pumps housings and studs into motor housings. Techsil® 70 can also be used on other fasteners where maximum strength is required. This green acrylic adhesive offers a fixture time of 15 minutes and has a low viscosity of 400 - 600 cPs.
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