Hoenle UV Light Meter Basic (No Docking)

UV Meter Basic
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This versatile UV-Meter is used for single measurement with a sensor. It is compatible with a wide range of sensors making it ideal for many different manufacturing processes and applications. Sensors are available for both UV point sources and for surface irradiation, covering wavelengths from 230nm to 550nm - UVC, UVB, UVA and VIS.

It features a unique eight-button touch panel, which allows easy user-ability along with automatic sensor recognition and remote switching via a PLC which activates measurement.

Product Benefits

  • Cost Saving - a single UV meter for all applications
  • Measures Accuracy - traceable to PTB standards
  • Reliable - constant control of UV-intensity ensures a consistent quality of UV-curing and drying
  • Certification - reliable calibration with all required certificates
  • This UV Meter does not come with the sensors. Please select the required sensor for your application. For assistance contact our technical team on 01789 774244 or email technical@techsil.co.uk

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