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Hotmelt Adhesives and Glue Guns from Power Adhesives

Power Adhesive Guns


Techsil supplies TECbond hotmelt adhesives and TEC glue guns from manufacturers, Power Adhesives.


About Hot Melt Adhesives

Tecbond hot melt adhesives from Techsil are completely solid, non-toxic adhesives that contain no solvents or water.  They are manufactured in rigid stick, slug or cartridge form to exacting standards.  The adhesives are easily loaded into glue guns and flow when the trigger is gradually squeezed.  The solid adhesive is pushed into a heated chamber, and comes out of the nozzle as molten adhesive.

Hot melt adhesives provide instant, permanent bonding on a wide range of materials whilst avoiding the use of harmful solvents.  They are ideal for quick, repetitive bonding applications. Melted adhesive is applied by a hand held glue gun to one surface, then the parts are pressed together and a bond is made instantly.  The adhesives are easy to store and have practically unlimited shelf life.  With a choice of over 25 varieties to choose from, there is a solution for all of your applications.

Here are some of the advantages of using a shaped hotmelt system for industrial applications:
• Reliable Instant Bonding
• Economical and Easy to Use
• Suitable for a Wide Range of Substrates
• Non Toxic and Solvent Free

Fospat hotmelt adhesives have a wide range of applications including:
• Packaging
• Potting and Encapsulation (e.g. electronics)
• Sealing and Reinforcing
• Coating and Insulating
• Vibration Reduction & Component Cushioning
• Anti-slip (e.g. for stabilising pallets)
• Repair Assembly
• Decorate and Create

Adhesive Application Methods:
There are two methods of application, bead (or dot) and spray:
Bead/Dot: A continuous bead of molten adhesive is produced by the glue gun, giving the user complete control over the spread, pattern and volume of glue. 
Spray: The molten adhesive is sprayed from the applicator nozzle of the glue gun using our pneumatic spray tool.  This method has certain advantages for some applications:
• It is more economical because less adhesive is used.
• The adhesive is spread over a wider area and is suitable for heat sensitive materials that can be damaged by bead application.

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Techsil supply TECbond hotmelt adhesives and TEC guns from Power Adhesives. For bulk hotmelt please contact sales@techsil.co.uk for more information about the ranges we supply.