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Textiles & Coating

Specialist silicone textile coating compounds & textile adhesives are available from Techsil.

Techsil offer a range of solutions to the Textiles Industry, from innovative textile coating solutions to self adhesive VELCRO® Brand hook and loop tape.

Textile Coating

Silicone offers extreme performance to a selection of engineering fabrics including glass cloth, Nomex, Kevlar, nylon and polyester. Coating these fabrics improves the 'haad' and feel of the base material, reduces the porosity and provides resistance to heat and abrasion. By mechanically bonding the materials in a matrix, the coated fabrics benefit greatly from the synergy of the resin and substrate working together. 

Momentive Coatings Brochure

Textile Adhesives

EVA hot melt adhesives are used to bond various textiles in the furniture and bedding industry. From fast curing hot melts for beading onto textile trims in the window blinds industry, securing leathers on furniture, positioning foams whilst covers are assembled to long open time spray hot melts for foams and toppers in the mattress industry.

Also available are Pressure Sensitive Hot Melt Adhesive (PSHMA).

These adhesives have high initial grab, making it ideally suited for bonding applications where the large part of assembly is done by hand. PSHMA remains tacky, but when cool it can create strong, foam tearing bonds with the minimal of “noise” in finished products.   

PSHMA can be used where final positioning and repositioning is required. This allows the operator the freedom to move and tighten fabrics etc.

VELCRO® and Texacro® Brand hook & loop tapes are used on many garments, from uniforms to body armour (PPE).  Self adhesive or sew on tapes available and full charts available too.



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