MG Chemicals 8331 Silver Conductive Epoxy 115gm

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MG Chemicals 8331 is a Silver Conductive Epoxy with a moderate cure time and high conductivity. This is an economical electronic epoxy with good electrical and thermal conductivities. The adhesive bonds very well to a variety of surfaces, it resists thermal and mechanical shocks and provides the low resistivity needed for many operating conditions.

This epoxy adhesive is great for forming conductivity seals, bonding and the repairing of electronic devices. Primarily used as a solder replacement for bonding heat-sensitive electronic components. It allows for quick cold soldering repairs and is effective at bonding heat sinks to other components and PCB's. 8331 also provides excellent EMI/RFI shielding and is very effective at filling seams between metal plates.

Product Benefits

  • Electrical resistivity: 0.007 O·cm
  • Thermal conductivity: 0.90 W/(m·K)
  • 1:1 mix ratio
  • Working time: 10 minutes
  • Cure time: 24 hours at room temperature or 15 minutes at 65°C
  • Good adhesive strength
  • Strong resistance to water, brine, acids, bases, and aliphatic hydrocarbons
  • Room temperature storage
  • Shelf life three years
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