MG Chemicals Label & Adhesive Remover 140g Aerosol

MG 8361-140G Aerosol
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MG Chemicals 8361 is supplied in an aerosol form and effectively removes labels, adhesive, and residues without damaging plastics, paints, or coatings. This innovative product is registered with CFIA and NSF for use in and around food processing establishments.

For paper labels, simply spray the product on, wait a few minutes, then pull off the label and wipe the residue clean. For laminated labels, scrape off the lamination before applying the 8361. Not only is this product great for removing labels, stickers and gummy residues it is also brilliant for removing ink marks and rubber scuffs or shoe marks on flooring.

Product Benefits

  • Compatible with most substrate used in electronic parts and enclosures
  • Available in aerosol and pen format
  • Suitable for Use in Food Facilities as a Non-Food Chemical - Canadian and NFS recognition letters available on request
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