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Panacol Brochures


Vitralit Brochure


Vitralit® Brochure - UV and visible light-curing adhesives 


 Elecolit Brochure

Elecolit® Brochure - Electrically and thermally conductive adhesives


Structalit Brochure

 • Structalit® Brochure - Maximum Strength Structural Epoxy based adhesives used for multiple purposes including PCB production as a Glob Top sealant, Dam & Fill, SMD adhesive  and Potting Compound. Ideal for bonding a wide range of substrates.


 PCB Adhesives Brochure

Panacol PCB Adhesives Brochure - Innovative adhesives and sealants for electronics


  UV LED Brochure

UV-LED-Curing Epoxy Adhesives - A focus on light curing epoxies


 Smart Card Ashesives Brochure

 • Adhesives for Smart Card Manufacturing


 Penloc Brochure

Penloc® GT Series - 2 Part Performance Structural Adhesives


Medical Adhesives Brochure


 • Innovative Adhesives for Medical Applications - includes UVA & visible light cure adhesives and 2-part epoxies all formulated to meet USP Class VI and/or ISO 10993 


Cyanolit Brochure


 • Fast Bonding with Cyanoacrylate Adhesives