Panacol Vitralit UC 1619 UV Curable Epoxy 30gm

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Vitralit® 1619 UC 30gm Syringe
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Panacol Vitralit® UC 1619 is a uv-curable compound designed for opto-electronic components like LED and VCSEL. This product features excellent transmission (650-1300nm) along with ionic pureness, non-yellowing and extremely good thermal shock resistance when operating between -55°C and +125°C. VI UC 1619 was developed using the EU-Growth programme under the project OPECO and has also been specified for aerospace applications. For more information on this products specifications please refer to the Technical Data Sheet. Once cured, UC 1619 is a transparent material with a shore hardness of 70 - 80 Shore D and offers temperature resistance between -55°C and +175° C.


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