LOCTITE® HY 4080The new LOCTITE® HY 4080 GY Universal Structural Bonder is ideal for joining dissimilar materials on products destined for operation in challenging conditions such as extreme temperatures and high vibration.  It is one of a new breed of adhesives that are based on Henkel’s new, patented hybrid technology that combines the most critical attributes of different adhesives – bond strength, durability and speedy fixturing and cure speed.  These are complemented by improved health and safety credentials.

In common with other Universal Structural Bonders in the new LOCTITE® range, LOCTITE® HY 4080 GY offers design engineers tremendous scope to improve product design as well as the speed, complexity and cost of manufacture.  It provides long-lasting, durable bonding on everything from metals to plastics allowing these materials to be freely combined.

Good impact resistance makes LOCTITE® HY 4080 GY a good choice for joining the elements of products that are subject to drop testing or shock loading.  It also offers good elasticity, an important consideration when joining parts subject to relative movement.  Another benefit of this product, by comparison with traditional two-part methyl methacrylate adhesives (MMA), is its significant reduction in ‘read through’ - the visible distortion of a substrate over a cured bond line.

Fixturing and cure speeds of this product are similar to those of an instant adhesive and this is achievable even when there is a relatively large gap between the mating parts.  LOCTITE® HY 4080 GY is ideal for assemblies involving mixed substrates, especially moulded plastic or poorly-fitting parts subject to impact loading, in semi-automated or manual production. Typical applications will be found in the assembly of durable consumer goods, sports equipment, electrical and lighting products.

For manufacturers with health and safety concerns on the use of traditional methyl methacrylate and acrylic structural adhesives, LOCTITE® HY 4080 GY is an excellent alternative as its benefits include low odour and non-flammability.  It is available in easy to use 50ml syringes and 40ml cartridges.

For more information on the new LOCTITE® Universal Structural Bonding range and Henkel’s patented hybrid technology go to: LOCTITE® Hybrid Range