Epoxy compounds are ideal for offering excellent protection from water, harsh chemicals, physical damage, shock, vibration; the list goes on. This being said, we know potting electronic devices with epoxy doesn’t come without challenges. MG Chemicals understand the requirements from the electronics industry and offer a range of high spec solutions which revolve around solving two key application issues; heat entrapment and high flammability risks. 

Electronics engineers are looking to maximize thermal conductivity whilst meeting strict flame retardant requirements from a material which offers good flow, a wide operating temperature range and using the very latest technology available. MG Chemicals hear this and are always striving to provide the best in encapsulating and potting solutions.

MG 8322Below we focus on the most recent clear and translucent offerings to be released from the MG polymer testing facilities, alongside some high temperature and thermal compounds.


MG 8322 – Optically Clear Epoxy

This optically clear compound offers a very strong UV-resistant finish; it is very simple to mix and doesn’t require special or costly equipment to apply. It is non-yellowing and provides excellent resistance to water, humidity and chemicals.

MG 832 TC – Thermally Conductive Epoxy

This thermal epoxy is 100% solid; it provides all of the protection the standard MG potting compounds do, however allows any trapped heat to escape more readily. This system offers an extended working time and a convenient one to one mix ratio making it ideal for large batches, high volume production, and automatic dispensing. Also provides strong chemical resistance alongside superb protection against corrosion, fungus, thermal shock, water and static.

MG 832 C – Translucent Epoxy  

This product offers excellent insulation and protection for electronics, it is simple to mix and easy to use. Available in ready to mix kit form or in side by side cartridges it provides extreme resistance to water and humidity, which allows for submersion if required.MG 832 HT

MG 832 HT – High Temperature Epoxy

This unique epoxy system is designed for high temperature environments; and is also an ideal encapsulant for aggressive chemical environments and applications where extreme physical strength is required. MG 832 HT also helps to hide and restrict access to intellectual property; it is black in colour and is much harder to remove than standard epoxy encapsulating compounds.

MG 834 ATH – Flame Retardant Epoxy

This system has been UL rated for flame retardancy.  It is an economical, electronic-grade, thermally conductive, self-extinguishing, epoxy that provides excellent physical, chemical, and electrical protection. Certified with UL 94V-0 approval and is free from solvents.