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Techsil supply a wide range of hot melt adhesives, tapes and glue guns for use in the construction of Point of Sale (POS) units including Counter Top Display Units (CTDU), shop window displays, dump bins, display stands, Free Standing Display Units (FSDU) and Pop up Shops.

Techsil’s range of hot melt adhesives and adhesive tapes are designed to withstand heavy loads and extreme temperature changes and bond to a wide range of difficult substrates including plastics, fabrics, foam as well as coated, waxed, varnished and laminated board stock.

Material Systems for Point of Sale Print and Graphics

Techsil offers hot melt adhesive and tape solutions for POS unit assembly.

ITW Stokvis Adhesive Tapes

Single and double sided structural bonding tapes for use in POS displays offering strong, long lasting bonds. Techsil also supplies hand tear-able double sided tissue tapes which are used on returns (folded edges) and seams of POS units.

tecbond® Adhesives

tecbond® hot melts are available in  stick and bulk forms and are 100% solid, non-toxic adhesives containing no solvents (no VOCs) or water and have a virtually unlimited shelf life. Key products include:

  • tecbond® 213 or 214 which are economical, versatile adhesives suitable for bonding most boards, 213 can also bond rigid PVC, ceramics and polystyrene
  • tecbond® 265 or 261 are high performance adhesives and are able to bond most varnished and coated boards used in Point of Sale displays. 265 bonds smooth and shiny surfaces and many plastics. 261 bond to plastics (including PP/PE), ceramics, and wood.

tec™ glue guns

tec™ glue guns are designed to apply the range of tecbond® hot melt adhesives, easily, quickly and reliably. They are low-cost capital items, highly portable and designed to be totally reliable in tough industrial environments. tec™ glue guns can apply hot melt adhesive in bead, dot and even spray patterns, depending on the model selected. High output glue guns are available for larger displays.

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