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Dispensing Equipment

Dispensing Equipment

Techsil supply a wide range of application equipment designed to: Improve the quality and consistency of the dispensing silicones and adhesives.

Techsil supplies a wide range of application equipment designed to improve the quality, consistency and accuracy of dispensing silicone and adhesive materials.

Key Characteristics of Dispensing Equipment

•    Enhances processes and performance
•    Improves quality and consistency
•    Increases productivity and supports production upscaling
•    Reduces the requirement for personal contact with materials
•    Reduces waste by improving the efficiency of dispensing

Product Information

Techsil’s extensive range of dispensing equipment enables individual adaptation to specific customer requirements, with products including:

Hand held dispensing guns

•    Available in both manual and air powered format
•    Available to accomodate all our single and twin chambered cartridges
•    Most guns can be mounted on a bench stand whilst being actuated by a foot valve on the floor, if required

Bench top timer units

•    Compact units suitable for dispensing from our syringe and single chambered cartridge options
•    Units accurately dispense small quantities of product on a repetitive basis

Foot operated valves

•    Simple unit which provides the convenience of air powered dispensing with a minimum financial outlay
•    A floor mounted valve is operated by foot so that a syringe (or larger cartridge) can be manoeuvered while dispensing
•    Alternatively, the syringe or cartridge can be mounted on a stand therefore leaving hands free to manoeuver the product under the tip

Dispensing consumables

•    A variety of disposable plastic cartridges are available from Techsil - these can be filled on site or custom filled by Techsil. 


•    Available as manual or air powered in 10ml, 20ml, 30ml or 60ml sizes.

Syringe Tips

•    Available in plastic or stainless steel with a choice of outlet diameters and tip length options

Cartridges (Single chamber)

•    Designed to dispense single components or pre-mixed products
•    Available in 80ml, 160ml, 310ml, 610ml and 900ml sizes
•    Suitable for dispensing via manual or air powered guns

Cartridges (Twin chamber - static mix)

•    Enable a two component product to dispense at a controlled ratio (1:1, 2:1, 4:1 & 10:1) while passing through a static mixing nozzle
•    Allow a thoroughly mixed product to be dispensed onto the work surface at the correct ratio
•    Available in 50ml, 250ml & 500ml sizes

Cartridge nozzles (Single chamber cartridges)

•    Allow a variety of nozzles to be attahced to the outlet
•    Available in various lengths with multiple tip diameters
•    Special nozzles available, such as ribbon (for wide, flat beads) and a brush to spread the bead.

Static mix cartridge nozzles (Twin chamber cartridges)

•    Designed to fir the twin chambered cartridge range
•    Allows the two products from the cartridge to pass along the spiral mixing blade in a way which forces them to blend together, air free
•    Available in various lengths and tip diameters

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