Techsil® PU21965 Black High Performance PU 50gm

Techsil PU21965 BLK 50g CART
£13.14 £10.95
Techsil® PU21965 is a high performance, fast curing polyurethane resin system. Black in colour and enhanced for elongation and toughness. This RoHS complaint resin system has an easy 1:1 mix ratio and comes supplied in a 50ml side by side cartridge. Dispense using a 50ml cartridge dispenser. At room temperautre this product has a work life of 60-90 seconds, with a gel time of 4 minutes. Light handling in 120 minutes and a full cure in 24 hours (these times can be improved with heat curing at 40°C - see TDS for more information).
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