Techsil® PU22985 Water Clear Potting PU 250g

Techsil PU22985 CLEAR 250gm TP
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Techsil® PU22985 is a water clear polyurethane potting compound that is stable in continuous UV light. This 2-part system reacts at room temperature to produce a tough, abrasion resistant material with good hydrolysis resistance. PU22985 was developed for the potting and encapsulation of LED's, luminaires, uplights, arrays, tracks and doming applications. It offers a good green strength for situations where areas of stress concentration from components might disrupt curing. It's slightly longer gel time (25 minutes) allows for greater volume cures, it cures to a tough 85 Shore A material with a continuous operating temperature between -40°C and +120°C. PU22985 offers excellent electrical properties (Electric Strength 15 kV/mm | Thermal Conductivity 0.3 W/mK) and excellent UV stability. Supplied in an easy to use 250gm twinpack.
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