Elecolit - Electrically and Thermally Conductive Adhesives

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The Elecolit® electronics range from Panacol are electrically and thermally conductive 1 and 2 part epoxy adhesives. Suitable for manual and automated production lines; they are easy to process and cure with UV light at room and/or high temperature.

Elecolit® conductive adhesives are synthetic resins filled with metallic or inorganic filler materials. The Portfolio Comprises:

  •  ICA - Isotropically Conductive Adhesives
  • TCA - Thermally Conductive Adhesives
  • ACA - Anisotropically Conductive Adhesives

The Electrically Conductive Range are used in applications such as die bonding, flip-chips, HF shielding and anisotropically conductive connections and they have the advantage of being lead and solvent free. The Thermally Conductive Range are used in applications where heat dissipation is required such as bonding of power modules and heat sinks and unlike other thermal interface materials, they are solvent free.


Structalit - Max Strength Multi-Purpose Adhesives

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The Structalit® range from Panacol are maximum strength structural 1 and 2 part epoxy based adhesives used for multiple purposes such as bonding metal constructions or in electronics as a glob top sealant, dam and fill material, SMD adhesive and potting compound. Ideal for bonding a wide range of substrates from metals, glass, ceramics, wood, rigid foam and plastics.


New Epoxy Potting Compound Structalit® 5894-1 has Excellent Flow Properties

Panacol recently launched a new potting compound for electronics with medium viscosity and small filler particle size: Structalit® 5894-1 is the perfect choice for large volume potting or glob top sealing of power electronics.

Structalit® 5894-1 is a black, one part epoxy resin which requires no mixing. The combination of optimised viscosity and the small particle size of its fillers means it flows well and makes an excellent electrical potting compound. As an additional benefit, the low filler weight makes this potting epoxy less abrasive during application.

Structalit® 5894-1 cures rapidly when exposed to heat, which allows faster processing of large volume electronic component potting and sealing. Once cured, the epoxy encapsulant provides a smooth and level surface which is, at the same time, shock and scratch resistant.

Vitralit - UV and Light-Curing Adhesives

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The Vitralit® range from Panacol are 1 part UV and light-curing adhesives including acrylates, epoxies and polyesters that cure within a few seconds. The Vitralit® range is very versatile and typical applications include:

  • Electronics - conformal coatings, glob top sealants, bonding components on PCBs, electronic potting applications as a flip-chip underfiller, sealing of plugs, switches, relays and sensors.
  • Transparent dome coatings - used as a scratch-resistant protective coating or to enhance the appearance of badges, name plates or to decorate glass.
  • Wire tacking  - on thermoplastics and bonding electronic components
  • Metal bonding – screw and thread locking
  • Glass bonding – to marble, thermoplastics, solar modules and large glass areas
  • Medical Equipment – needle bonding, medical plastics, USP Class VI, ISO 10993
  • Plastics bonding – PMMA and PC, glass, edge to edge bonding
  • Optics – Fibre optics, lenses, chip fibre and FO cable bonding


Techsil Product Guide

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New for 2018! The 13-page guide is offered in digital and print form and provides an overview of the extensive range of adhesive, selants, tapes and dispensing equipment availble from Techsil from a range of industry leaders.

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