Case Studies

Automated Sealant Dispensing Provides IP65 Rated LED Lens Seal and Production Efficiencies

In this case study Techsil provided emergency LED lighting manufacturers, Mackwell Electronics, with an automated solution for dispensing a clear, fast curing, 1-part silicone sealant with a Nordson Performus™ III benchtop dispenser, to seal a clear plastic lens in an emergency luminaire housing. This provided an accurate, reliable IP65 rated seal, improved productivity and the system installed can be adapted to suit other in-house bonding applications.

Automated Sealant Dispensing Case Study

RTV Provides Production Benefits to High Quality Transducers

RTV Silicones are a key element of Elite Transducers production process; they depend on RTV’s to ensure their transducers will effectively withstand moisture and vibration damage to maintain their reliability.

This case study focus's on the use of Momentive TSE and Techsil® RTV27909 in the application.


Single Sided Foam Tape Offers Reliable Odour Control Seal

The world of tapes can be a confusing one – a multitude of options are available with different adhesions; performance abilities, functions, not to mention thicknesses, widths and compositions. In this case study Techsil worked with Corporate Engineering Ltd, specialists in odour control covers, to find the right tape for the job.

Products featured in the case study include ITW Stokvis SSF3259.


UV Curing FIPG for Automotive Plastic Parts

Techsil were asked by an automotive company to provide a fast curing, liquid gasket sealant to be applied inside a groove on a plastic part on a production line. Techsil recommended a UV Cure in Place (CIP) gasket from Panacol with a UV Curing chamber from Hoenle.

Products featured in the case study include Vitralit® FIPG 60102 and Hoenle UVACUBE 2000.


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