FASTfixers™ provide you with a quick to use, cost-effective, instant adhesive fastener for many applications in different markets. They can be used in a wide range if industries; ideal for mailings, fulfilment, cover mounting, finishing, assembly, merchandising promotions, transit packaging, art & craft, school projects, home and office use.

FASTfixers™ are a great way of attaching various items onto many surfaces.

Available sizes are roughly 6mm (small), 10mm (medium) and 15mm (large) diameters.

The available adhesive grades are:

  • Light Fixers (Lower tack removable – LTR) – provides a temporary bond that will enable you to remove of pull apart easily - suited for lightweight products such as un-coated paper and card. This adhesive type should not leave any adhesive residue on most surfaces.
  • Regular Fixers (Higher tack removable – HRT) – provides for a better temporary bond to more difficult surfaces such as heavier grade coated paper, but should allow you to remove easily, without leaving an adhesive residue, from most surfaces.
  • Secure Fixers (Extra high tack – EHT) – provides a more secure bond on most surfaces including ceramics, plastics, card, textiles and metals. Should be used for firm fixing but with caution on delicate surfaces.

 “Tack” describes the initial grab or stickiness between the adhesive and the product before applying pressure. The bond will vary depending on the surfaces involved.