New Light Curable Adhesive with Multiple Viscosity Options

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Panacol introduces a newly developed light curing acrylate adhesive, which is specially formulated for bonding plastics, metals and glass and is available in three different viscosities - a low viscosity, medium flow and a non-flowing gel.

Vitralit® 7311 cures in seconds with ultraviolet or visible light. For excellent curing results, high intensity LEDs at 405 nm wavelength are recommended. This wavelength also permits the bonding of materials like polycarbonate which block UV rays. Vitralit® 7311, as an example, can be utilized for needle bonding in medical device manufacturing.

Cured with a Bluepoint LED eco light source from UV lamp manufacturer Hoenle, Vitralit® 7311 achieves high bond strength in less than a second, providing reliable and durable bonds.

The appropriate viscosity can be chosen depending on the application:

Low Viscosity - Vitralit® 7311

Vitralit® 7311 is extremely low viscosity and thus the perfect choice for very tight bond gaps. Its low viscosity enables it to wick into pre-assembled parts and spread over large bonding areas.

Medium Viscosity - Vitralit® 7311 T

Vitralit® 7311 T is a mid-range viscosity version and gives clear bond lines which allow for visually tidy applications and easy convenient dispensing.

High Viscosity - Vitralit® 7311 Gel

Vitralit® 7311 Gel features high viscosity, non-flowing properties for gap filling or for when controlling adhesive flow is critical such as uneven or vertical surfaces

All three variations of Vitralit® 7311 provide excellent adhesion to plastics like Polycarbonate, PVC, ABS and PMMA, as well as to metal and glass. Vitralit® 7311 is transparent and non-yellowing and it is resistant to alcohols and humidity. Once cured, the adhesive will be viscoplastic. For use in medical applications Vitralit® 7311 is currently being tested according to USP Class VI and DIN ISO 10993-4/-5 standards.

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