This white paper covers the tests carried out on three different Momentive SilCool™ thermally conductive silicone gap filler pastes (SilCool™  TIA225GF,  SilCool™ TIA241GF and SilCool™ TIA285GF) as well as one pre-cured gel from a competitor, evaluating their ability to withstand random vibrations at high and low temperatures. Unlike the pre-cured gel material that was tested, Momentive’s two-part gap fillers were able to demonstrate the ability to more fully crosslink with the substrate  and to remain where they are applied, even in automotive applications where high vibration and high heat are often found.

Covering the following topics:

  • SilCool™ vs Pre-Cured Gels
  • The Test
  • Preparing the silicone for testing
  • Test Methods
  • Results of the Study
  • Conclusions

SilCool Thermal Gap Filler White Paper