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Techsil Provide Bonding Solutions for Automotive Seating

The increasing demand for more comfort, quality and visual appeal for automotive interiors alongside  economic and environmental aspects are key drivers for designers when selecting new textiles, fabrics or decorative trim solutions. Some of these new materials can be difficult to bond and require advanced adhesive assembly technologies to enable customers to meet current and future interior automotive specifications.

Techsil supply a range of hot melt adhesives and tapes into key Tier 1 automotive seat suppliers; one such customer had 2 requirements they needed solutions for.

Products featured in the case study include Techsil® 6811-43, Techsil® HM27399 and ITW Stovkis D3051.


Hot Melt Adhesives & Glue Guns

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Power Adhesives Ltd are Techsil’s supplier for tecbond® shaped and bulk hot melt adhesives and tec™ glue guns. Power Adhesives Ltd are Europe's leading shaped hot melt adhesive specialist and offer the largest range of high quality, competitively priced hot melt glue sticks and glue guns.

tecbond® hot melts are 100% solid non-toxic adhesives containing no solvents (no VOCs) or water. They are safe and easy to store and have a virtually unlimited shelf life.

tec™ glue guns are designed to apply tecbond® hot melt adhesives, easily, quickly and reliably. They are low-cost capital items, highly portable and designed to be totally reliable in tough industrial environments. tec™ glue guns can apply hot melt adhesive in bead, dot and even spray patterns, depending on the model selected.

Hotmelts Adhesives and Glue Guns

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