ThreeBond has been manufacturing and supplying the Automotive Industry with Adhesives & Sealants for nearly 60 years and is the world’s largest global supplier of RTV liquid gaskets for automotive powertrain. Originally founded to reduce energy waste and pollution surrounding automobiles, ThreeBond has grown into a vast international company who supply a wide range of materials covering a variety of applications and manufacture across 18 production sites around the world -   today ThreeBond products are used on more than half of all cars and commercial vehicles produced in the world.

Techsil are the sole distributors for ThreeBond in the UK – working closing together to ensure customers receive the very best technical knowledge, advice and fastest possible supply chain.

It is difficult to focus on any particular products from ThreeBond’s extensive range of materials, however here in the UK there are four powertrain products which do stand out from the crowd! Three of which are OEM Approved Automotive specific silicone based grades which are heavily used within the Motorsport Industry for engine sealing applications – TB1215, TB1217H, TB1207B. The fourth is TB1184; an oil resistant solvent based semi-drying gasket sealant.

TB1215 is a grey semi-fluid liquid silicone gasket which offers excellent adhesion to oily surfaces, an effective temperature range of -60°C to +250°C and gives outstanding mechanical resistance against vibration. It is ideal for applications where a long, faultless seal is absolutely critical. Recommended for sealing flange surfaces, screw sections and of course, preventing oil, water, gasoline and chemical leaks. Available in 250gm tubes.

TB1217H is a grey non-slump paste silicone gasket with very high elongation and is recommended by most Japanese automotive and motorcycle OEM’s. TB1217H offers resistance for all engine oil grades and has an effective temperature range similar to the TB1215 above. It possess superior pressure resistance just after application and assembly, making it perfect for sealing complex T-joint surfaces of cylinder blocks, oil pans and timing covers with large clearances to prevent oil, water, gasoline and chemical leaks. Available in 310ml cartridges.

TB1207B is a non-slump black, solvent free, silicone liquid gasket which is extremely fast curing and is resistant to engine oil and long life coolants. As with the products above, TB1207B gives outstanding mechanical resistance against vibration and operates between -60°C to +250°C. It is recommended for all automotive, motorcycle, watercraft, snowmobile and ATV engines and available in 100gm tubes.

TB1184 is a grey visco-elastic semi-drying sealer which is resistant to oil, water, gasoline and chemicals. It has a very high padding property, making it excellent for sealing surfaces with poor flatness or large gaps. This product provides superb resistance to vibration and impact and is recommended for applications such as sealing transmission case covers, motorcycle cases, timing chain cases, clutch housing bolts and oil filter mounting surfaces. TB1184 forms a semi-drying rubber which maintains stable between -40°C to +150°C and is available in 100gm & 200gm tubes.