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UV Curing Adhesives Compatible with Medical Sterilisation Processes

Adhesive technology can be a cost-effective solution to connect components for single use medical products. When bonding transparent or translucent substrates, using a UV curing acrylate adhesive has several advantages; cured acrylates are also compatible with common sterilisation processes such as autoclaving, gamma and ETO.

Dr Detlef Heindl provides expertise on UV curing adhesives compatible with common sterilisation processes for medical products.


Overcoming the Challenges of Bonding Composite Materials

Techsil considers the challenges of bonding composite materials and discusses ways to overcome them.

In this white paper, Techsil analyses key adhesives types such as cyanoacrylate, epoxies, polyurethane and UV adhesives and by defining a few key performance or manufacturing requirements can quickly narrow down the search to the most suitable adhesive types for the application.


Performance Advantages of Silicones for Circuit Board Conformal Coating

Various conformal coating materials are used to provide protection and improve performance and reliability of PCBs.

This white paper, written by Kazuhisa Ono for Momentive Performance Materials Japan LLC, looks at the advantages of using silicones as a conformal coating on circuit boards, it includes performance comparison data of two new Momentive silicone conformal coating materials against a silicone resin based on the following tests:

  • Gas Permeability
  • Sulphur Resistance Test
  • Gas Corrosion Resistance Test
  • Salt Spray Resistance


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