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At Techsil, customer satisfaction is foremost in our business philosophy. To this end we have developed a number of services for our customers.




Our experience and expertise in this sector has allowed us to become an authorised repacker for many of our suppliers, and for our own brand products.

Modern repacking and material handling capabilities means that we have developed a variety of equipment designed to handle our products so that we can transfer the contents of large primary containers into small packs. This provides the opportunity, in many cases, to supply product in a format to meet your exact dispensing requirements from syringe to cartridge, tub to pail.

Examples of container sizes below:

- Available in 55 gallon or 200 litre depending on material.Techsil Repack

- Available in 5 gallon, 20 litre and 5 litre pails or 1 litre tubs.

Cartridges (Single chamber)
- Designed to dispense single components or pre-mixed products.
- Available in 80ml, 160ml, 310ml and 900ml sizes.
- Suitable for dispensing via manual or air powered guns.

Cartridges (Twin chamber – Static Mix)
- Enable a two-component product to be dispensed at a controlled ratio (1:1, 2:1, 4:1 & 10:1) while passing through a static mixing nozzle.
- Allow a thoroughly mixed product to be dispensed onto the work surface at the correct ratio.
- Available in 50ml, 250ml & 500ml sizes.

- Available as manual or air powered, in 10, 20, 30 or 60ml sizes.

Product is also sold in the original manufacturer’s containers, such as tubes, cans and bottles.


Specialised storage facilities are an important part of our business. We have facilities that cope with products that require temperature-controlled conditions in order to help to preserve their effective life and to enable us to supply goods to our customers in excellent condition.

Materials are stored in special conditions dependant on the properties of the product, such as frozen, chilled or heated. Other products require storage in our flameproof store.


For many of our large accounts, we offer a stock management solution based on annual demand forecasts and weekly fax bans. This allows our customers to guarantee sustained supply over long periods whilst keeping minimum stock levels at your own premises.

Given that some of our materials can take from 12 to 20 weeks to arrive with us from order we also have a large number of clients who place forward or call-off orders for 6 to 12 months ahead of time to ensure that their production needs are met.

Should you wish to discuss any of these options, please contact us on 01789 773232 or email sales@techsil.co.uk


Combined with an ability to package our materials in bespoke sizes and containers, Techsil can also blend and pigment certain products. This enables us to offer specially customised materials for our clients (subject to viable commercial quantities).


Techsil has flourished due to its ethos of a consultative approach to sales. We want to understand our customers’ problems and opportunities so we can offer a product fit for purpose and with a process that matches the client’s needs. This requires a two way discussion, samples, trials and testing. For further information or assistance please contact our Technical Sales Team.


Most of our goods are delivered next day by one of the UK’s reputable carriers. Same day options are available and you should contact our sales administration to discuss pricing. Similarly, you may wish to collect your order yourself from our premises in Warwickshire.

Deliveries are carefully packaged to ensure that your material arrives in the best condition possible.

Payment can be made via credit card or pro-forma invoices. In addition, if you wish to open a credit account please download our Account Application Form and send to us via email, post or fax.