Stokvis S4070 Tape - Card Core Log 1498mmx55m

S4070 Log 1498mmx55m Cdb-Cores
£222.66 £185.55

ITW Stokvis single Sided High Temperature Masking Tape Rubber Adhesive (S4070). This single sided tape consists of a smooth crepe paper carrier coated on one side with a natural rubber adhesive. It is smooth, comfortable and easy to work with. S 4070 offers good adhesion and holding power, even to irregular surfaces. It is tear & solvent resistant and removes clean from most substrates.

It is recommended to remove S4070 hot to warm for clean, one-piece removal with no stains or residues. It gives a straight, clean paint-break line with no flaking upon removal. S4070 has CSS13 Rolls Royce specification and is used for automotive paint masking.

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