Stokvis S4070 High Temp Masking Tape 12mm x 55m

S4070 12mmx55m CardB-Cores
£2.78 £2.32

This single sided tape consists of a smooth crepe paper carrier coated on one side with a natural rubber adhesive. S 4070 is smooth, comfortable and easy to work with. It offers a good adhesion and holding power, even on irregular surfaces. It is tear resistant and removes clean from most substrates. It is recommended that S4070 is removed hot to warm for clean, one piece removal with no stains or residues. It gives a straight, clean paint-break line with no flaking upon removal. S4070 has CSS13 Rolls Royce specification and is used for automotive paint masking. Capable of supporting standard sized kraft aprons at elevated temperatures.

Techsil has an on site log conversion capability and can cut or slit adhesive tapes to suit your needs. We will minimise cost for you and cut a roll as you like it. Just call us on 01789 773232 if you can't see what you need in this short selection.

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