Stokvis SSF3509 Single Sided PVC Tape 75mm x 25m

SSF3509 3mmx75mmx25m
£36.35 £30.29

ITW Stokvis Single Sided PVC Tape 3mm x 75mm x 25 mm. SSF3509 is a single sided compression sealant which consists of a medium hard PVC foam carrier with mainly closed cells and a solvent based pure acrylic adhesive. The liner is on the non-adhesive side. SSF 3059 offers good resistance to ageing, abrasion, corrosion, humidity, diluted acids and alkalis, and also a very good resistance to UV light. The liner on the non-adhesive side reduces the dimensional change during application. This is a pre-determined dimensional sealant that reduces waste and it required a minimum of 30% compression to effect a water seal. No known hazards are associated with the product.

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