tec™ 3400 43 High Output Hotmelt Glue Gun 230v

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TEC 3400 43 HM Glue Gun 230V
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The tec™ 3400 from Power Adhesives is a high output 43mm hotmelt glue with a much lower energy consumption than its competitors. This heavy duty industrial gun features a digital controller that maintains the tool temperature and responds faster to demands. This reduces the efforts required to dispense adhesive, making the tool easier to use, and also reducing tool wear. Operators can now work faster and longer, while the tools require less maintenance and have a greater service life. The tec™ 3400 cleverly detects when the trigger is pulled frequently, and then responds by boosting the power to the heater for this increased demand. This ensures that the adhesive is always applied at the optimum temperature. As with all hotmelt glue guns from the tec™ range, this gun comes with a 1 Year Manufactures Warranty as standard. Replacement gun for the discontinued tec™ 3200. Also available in 110v.
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