Techsil VT2420LV Clear Potting Polyurethane 250gm

Techsil PU VT2420LV C 250g TPk
£42.68 £35.57
Techsil® VT2420LV is a crystal clear two-part, low viscosity room temperature curing polyurethane resin with high shore hardness designed for the manufacture of badges and decals. Techsil®® VT2420LV has excellent outdoor weathering properties, due to the incorporation of both UV resistant base materials and the addition of UV stabilisers and antioxidants. Techsil® VT2420LV offers excellent long term UV stability, it is a non-toxic material which meets requirement of WEEE & RoHS. This product is scratch and mark resistant and is packed in a twin pack containing both the resin & hardener for ease of use. The product is also available in 400ml cartridges and 10kg kits. If you're looking for some help on how to mix a twinpack, watch our easy step-by-step guide:
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