ThreeBond TB1152C Fuel Cell Gas FIPG Sealant 330ml

£505.90 £421.58
ThreeBond TB1152C is a olefin-based heat-curing liquid gasket for fuel cell batteries. Once cured, TB1152C has a rubber elasticity with excellent chemical resistance. The molecular structure is made up mainly of carbon and hydrogen bonds, hence, imparting flexibility whilst also creating an efficient gas barrier and the excellent chemical resistance it offers. For these reasons TB1152C can be used as a FIPG (Form in Place Gasket). Milky white in colour, this grade has a viscosity of 650 PA.S and will cure in 90 minutes at 100°C to a 34 Shore A Rubber. It doesn't contain any solvents and when compared to regular silicone sealants, TB1152C offers approximately 20 times the hydrogen gas barrier and offers much lower moisture penetration . In addition to being used as a gas seal for fuel cell batteries, it can also be used for sealing water, coolants, methonal etc. Available in a 330ml cartridge.
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