ThreeBond TB900002 Silicone Grease 250ml

TB900002 250ml TUB
£11.38 £9.48
Three Bond TB 9000002 Silicone Grease can be used in a great variety of applications where there is a requirement for lubrication, protection from dust, moisture or chemical sealing, corrosion protection and as an anti-tracking, anti-arcing coating. Three Bond Silicone Grease also prevents the wear, deterioration and embrittlement of plastics and rubbers. Consisting of silicone oil thickened with metallic soap, it can be used in a wider range of temperatures than oil-based greases, and is extremely resistant to thermal oxidation and to water and break fluid. These silicone grease provide for stable lubrication within a wide range of temperatures. They have no adverse effects on rubber or plastics – protects against deterioration and embrittlement. It is resistant to water, brake fluid, alcohol, dilute acids and alkalis. They offer good corrosion resistance & protect components operating in wet conditions. Typical Applications are lubrication and conditioning of rubber parts such as O-rings and door seals.
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