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The UVAHAND LED is a high-intensity hand-held UV lamp, which is easy to transport, ergonomically designed and perfect for mobile working. The arrangement of the LED's guarantee a homogeneous intensity distribution whilst the intensive irradiation ensures reliable production results within a matter of seconds.

A very lightweight solution, made from high strength materials making this lamp very durable. As the UVAHAND utilises LED bulbs, it has the obvious benefits of the LED service life. This is typically longer than 20,000 hours*.

There is no requirement for a warm-up or cool-down period - it comes with an in-built on/off switch, which can be used as frequently as needed. The UVAHAND LED lamp unit connects directly to the mains supply and is therefore much more portable than alternative lamps. 


The UVAHAND LED is designed for curing UV reactive adhesives and sealants. Perfect for applications involving the bonding of glass, plastics and metals. It also lends itself very well to the electronics industry; curing UV reactive compounds on electrical and electronic components. This portable lamp is also suitable for the production and repair of plastic parts using UV curing polyester resins.

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*typical service life under specified operating conditions