VELCRO® Brand Easy Hang Strap Large - 120kgs

Velcro® Easy Hang Strap Large
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Velcro® VEL-EC60395 allows for the easy & secure storage of large, heavy bulky and awkward shaped items. These reusable fasteners comes complete with a spring loaded heavy duty carabiner which enables easy and secure attachment to an anchor point; meanwhile a swivel connector enables awkward shaped items to be hung. The trustworthy seal of Velcro® Brand fasteners provides the piece of mind that not only are your items secure, but also that the quality of the hold will stay strong as long as you need it. (Well, at least for 1000 opens/closes!) The Velcro® Brand Easy Hang is available in 3 different sizes - small; medium and large. Small will hold up to 40kg, medium up to 80kg and large will hold up to 120kg.
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