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Vitralit 6104 VTPanacol Vitralit® 6104 VT

Vitralit® 6104 VT is an adhesive designed for the corner bonding of electronic components on a PCB. Vitralit® 6104 VT cures very quickly upon exposure to suitable UV sources (UV-A 340-380nm) and exhibits very good adhesion to a wide variety of substrates.

Due to the high thixotropy of Vitralit® 6104 VT, the material does not migrate after application. No post heat cure is required, however it can be thermally cured for applications with shadowed areas.

Vitralit® 6104 VT is a high viscosity acrylate resin, translucent in colour. Once cured Vitralit® 6104 VT offers a temperature resistance of -40°C to 200°C and cures to a 45-60 Shore D hardness.

Vitralit® 6104 VT is a thermally conductive material, with a good dielectric strength. Available in 30gm syringes.

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Vitralit 6104 VT TDS

Vitralit 6104 VT MSDS