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BJB Product Range

The new BJB range is being released slowly but surely. The below chart will keep you updated as to which products are available to buy online.

All products underlined in blue are available now!

If you are looking for a product which is still in black, please contact the sales office directly for an up-to date leadtime.

3-5 minutes 5-10 minutes 10-20 minutes 20+ minutes
FLEXIBLE 5 SHORE A   F105 M3105  
15 SHORE A F116 F115 M3115  
25 SHORE A F126 F125 M3125  
30 SHORE A F131 F130 M3130 L3530
40 SHORE A F141 F140 M3140 L3540
50 SHORE A F151 F150 M3150 L3550
60 SHORE A F161 F160 M3160 L3560
70 SHORE A F171 F170 M3170  
80 SHORE A F181 F180 M3180 L3580
90 SHORE A F191 F190 M3190  
95 SHORE A   F195 M3195  
50 SHORE D     MD50  
55 SHORE D     MD55  
60 SHORE D TC860 FD60 MD60  
65 SHORE D TC867 TC868 MD65  
70 SHORE D TC873 FD70    
75 SHORE D TC875 TC850