Groovtec® 550 43mm High Output Drywall Adhesive 10kg

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550 43 Groovtec HM Adhesive 10kg
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Groovtec® adhesives are the fastest and easiest way to assemble v-grooved profiles in plasterboard for drywall installations. Suitable for use both on site and in pre-fab workshops, the Groovtec® hot melt adhesive is applied into the base of the 'v' groove and sets instantly when the plasterboard is folder. No clamps or drying time are required. The adhesive sets to produce a bond that is stronger than the plasterboard itself and easily withstands transport, handling and installation.

Groovtec® 550 is a high ouput adhesive offering a long open time with a low viscosity. 43mm option is recommended for application with either tec™ 6110 or tec™ 7100 glue guns. Also available in 15mm and bulk.

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