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  • Electronics


    Techsil offer a vast array of materials to meet the evolving needs of the electronics industry. Our products are used for bonding components, sealing against moisture or environmental elements, coating components, underfilling, potting, encapsulation and thermal management.

  • Lighting & LEDs

    Lighting & LEDs

    From LED chip packaging encapsulants to thermal management solutions and adhesives for lighting assemblies, Techsil provide a variety of materials to provide environmental protection, extend service life and improved light performance.

  • Product Assembly

    Product Assembly

    Techsil’s sealants, adhesives and tapes are used in product assembly in many different industries from electronics, medical equipment, lighting, consumer appliances, plastics, packaging, textiles and filters.

  • Medical


    Medical Adhesive and Sealant Solutions: Techsil’s materials are used in a wide variety of medical applications such as sealing medical devices, bonding needles, woundcare coatings, moulding orthopaedic materials and encapsulating medical electronics.

  • Energy


    Techsil offers high performance sealing and bonding solutions to meet the ever changing needs of the fast growing renewable energy sector.

  • Automotive


    Everywhere you look on the inside and out of today’s cars, you’ll find sealants, adhesives and tapes. Whether your interest lies in electronics, powertrain, lighting, chassis, coatings, brakes, seating or interiors, Techsil have a thorough knowledge of a wide selection of materials to advise you on. 

  • Aerospace & Aviation

    Aerospace & Aviation

    Techsil supply high performance products for assembling, sealing and protecting critical components in the air and space. From bonding thermal shields on space shuttles to vibration-dampening potting materials for vital electronics our silicone RTVs keep air and spacecraft operating smoothly.

  • Marine


    Techsil offers a range of adhesive and sealing technologies suitable for marine environments either above or below the waterline.

  • Model Making

    Model Making

    Techsil supply quality casting and mould making materials to a wide range of industries including: rapid prototyping, special effects, automotive, aerospace, medical devices, production parts & electronics.


  • Thermal Management


  • Bonding


  • Coating


  • Encapsulation


  • Casting Resins


  • Gasketing


  • Mould Making


  • Sealing


Adhesives | Sealants | Tapes

Techsil is a valued global distributor of industrial adhesives, sealants, tapes and dispensing equipment. Since being established in 1989, Techsil has built its reputation on technical excellence and customer service to become one of industry’s most trusted providers of products and services.

When only the best materials for bonding, potting, sealing, encapsulation or overmoulding will do, Techsil’s technical experts will ensure you make the right product selection. Specialising in offering added value, our consultation-led approach focuses on delivering process and performance improvements through materials technology.

Working in partnership with our suppliers, we offer a complete range of solutions including well-established product ranges and new, technologically advanced materials.

How Can We help You?

Techsil’s customer service programme is dedicated to providing prompt, informed responses. A call to 01789 773232 will enable those who prefer a person-to-person contact to discuss application and product details with a member of the technical department.

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