Growth by Acquisition

Complementary acquisitions play a crucial role in TECHSiL’s overall growth strategy, serving as a powerful catalyst to accelerate organic growth and enhance our market position. By strategically identifying and acquiring businesses that align with our values and long-term objectives, we create synergies that drive substantial returns and foster sustainable expansion.

The key components of our complementary acquisitions approach are as follows:

Value-Add Proposition

Our focus is on acquiring businesses that offer a unique value-add proposition to our portfolio. Whether it's innovative technology, specialised expertise, or access to untapped markets, the acquired company should bring something distinct that complements our existing offerings.

Strong Organic Growth and Potential for Scale

One of the primary criteria for selecting acquisition targets is their history of strong organic growth and the potential to further scale their operations. We seek companies that have demonstrated resilience, adaptability, and growth in dynamic market conditions.

Alignment with Strategic Objectives

We carefully evaluate potential targets to ensure they align with our broader strategic vision and goals. Each acquisition must fit seamlessly into our existing operations and enhance our competitive advantage in the market.

Robust Management Teams

A strong management team is crucial to the success of any acquisition. We look for companies with experienced and capable leadership that can seamlessly integrate with our organisation and continue driving growth post-acquisition.

Post-Acquisition Integration

Our acquisition strategy doesn't end with the purchase. Post-acquisition integration is a critical phase where we work closely with the acquired company to leverage synergies, streamline processes, and maximse operational efficiency.

Healthy Pipeline

We maintain a proactive approach to identifying potential acquisition targets and continuously evaluate businesses that fit our criteria. This ongoing assessment ensures a healthy pipeline of opportunities to support our growth objectives.

Chris DilleyBy combining complementary acquisitions with our organic growth efforts, we can diversify our offerings, enter new markets, and leverage the strengths of both the parent company and the acquired businesses. This well-rounded approach not only fuels our growth but also enhances our ability to provide innovative solutions and greater value to our customers and stakeholders. As we move forward, we remain committed to pursuing complementary acquisitions that strategically position us for long-term success. For further information please contact Chris Dilley ( to arrange a no-commitment confidential discussion.

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