Techsil HM 2277 12 Amber Potting Hotmelt Adhesive

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2277 12mm Amb HM Adh 10x10pk
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Techsil HM 2277 is a amber coloured potting & encapsulating polyamide adhesive. HM 2277 has a very low viscosity that sets very hard. It is used for two main applications; the first is for potting and encapsulation in the electronics industry; secondly it is an ideal substance for knot filling and wood repair in the wood working industry. HM277 has been tested for use in electrical/electronics applications (the electrical characteristics can be found on the Technical Data Sheet). The use of hotmelt speeds up assembly as there is no mixing and any unused adhesive remains in the glue gun ready for the nest time. Setting time is usually less than 2 minutes. In regards to wood repair, the flow characteristics, its hard setting and low shrinkage make it ideal for filling cracks and voids often found around knots in many types of wood.
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