3M™ ScotchWeld™ EC-1252 Tamper Proof Selant 5oz

3M EC-1252 White Sealant 5oz
£45.91 £38.26

3M™ ScotchWeld™ EC 1252 is a fast drying, anti-tamper sealer. It is mainly used in the electronics industry to protect equipment against tampering. When applied to adjustable/ removable parts, a break in the seal would indicate it has been tampered with.

Product Benefits

  • Self-extinguishing
  • Will not support fungus growth
  • Fast Drying

Technical Properties

  • Viscosity: 500-2500 poise
  • Brookfield Viscometer: RVF #6 Spindle @ 4 rpm @ 77°F (26°C)
  • Solids (by weight): 61-73%
  • Flash Point (closed cup): 20°F (-4°C)

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