3M™ ScotchWeld™ EC-9323 B/A Epoxy Adhesive 1L

3M Scotch-Weld EC 9323 B/A 1L
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3M™ ScotchWeld™ EC-9323 B/A is a room temperature curing epoxy paste adhesive. It is thixotropic, sag-resistant and creates an impact resistant structural bond.

ScotchWeld™ EC-9323 bonds to a ariety of substrates such as metals, glass, ceramics and plastics, incl. GFRP and CFRP.

Product Benefits

  • Thixotropic, non-sag, full room emperature processable
  • Toughened system providing very high shear and peel strength
  • Excellent environmental resistance

Technical Properties

  • Colour: Part B - White, Part A - Off-White
  • Base: Part B - Modified epoxy, Part A - Modified amine
  • Consistency: Thixotropic paste
  • Density: Part B - 1.04g / cm, Part A - 1.03g / cm
  • Solids: 100%
  • Viscosity: Part B - 250Pas, Part A - 75Pas
  • Mix ratio by weight: 100 : 50 wt.

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