BJB AP1230 Polyurethane Adhesive 50ml 1:1

BJB AP1230 50ml 1:1 Cart
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AP-1230 is a two part, flexible polyurethane adhesive with a 3-4 minute work time, also known as Armor-Bond Flex. Designed to bond together many of BJB's flexible (25 Shore A and under) polyurethane cast products, this adhesive exhibits excellent bond strength and shock absorption. AP1230 can also be used to bond BJB flexible polyurethane foams and other flexible substrates. This quick setting adhesive is fully RoHS/REACH compliant and comes out as a thixotropic bead; it remains flexible even when set. AP1230 comes packed in 50ml 1:1 side by side cartridges, and each cartridge is supplied with 2 dispensing nozzles. A 50ml 1:1 dispensing gun will be required, this item is sold separately.
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